Internal Leagues/Ladder


The Club manages Internal 'Box" Leagues for the benefit of the members.

The Leagues are split into 'Winter" and 'Summer" Leagues, with 'Winter' Leagues being played between early October and mid April, and 'Summer" Leagues being played from mid April until early October.

Thr 'Summer' Leagues are not as full as the 'Winter' Leagues due to the number of players stopping playing League games at that time.

The Leagues are split into groups of 5-6 maximum with a hierarchy of Leagues - Premier 1, Premier 2 etc, A 1, A 2 etc, B 1, B 2 etc, C 1,C 2 etc.

The Leagues last for approximately 1 month during which time ach player can play every other player in his group.

Matches are played best of 5 games, usually PAR(point a rally) 15. However if both players agree a different scoring system may be used e.g. POS (point on serve) 9 or PAR 11.

Points are awarded according to the final game score as follows|:-

score points
winner loser
3-0 6 1
3-1 5 2
3-2 4 3
2-2 (run out of time) 3 3
1-1 (run out of time - unlikely) 2 2
0-0 (run out of time-very unlikely so recorded as if no play) 0 0

At the end of each league period the total for each player is calculated and for each League.

  1. the player with the most points is promoted two Leagues
  2. the player with the next most points is promoted one League
  3. the player with the least points is demoted two leagues,
  4. the player with the next least points is demoted one league.
  5. In the case of a draw the higher placed person in the League is deemed to have the higher points count.


The Ladder has a number of players arranged in order top to bottom.

Position Player Name
1 Player 1
2 Player 2
3 Player 3
4 Player 4
5 Player 5
6 Player 6

A player may challenge another player on the ladder to a match.

The outcome will be that if the challenger wins, he moves "up" the ladder to just above his opponent.

If the challenger loses he stays where he is.

Players may challenge a player up to 3 positions above them.

If a player refuses a challenges more than twice he is deemed to have "lost" and the challenger moves above him.